• Amanda Dzivhani GREEN

    Amanda Dzivhani started at GREEN in 2018. She is responsible for the communication with current and potential clients and plays a major role in the organisation of the GREEN trainings.

    2018 - present Customer Relations Manager at GREEN Solar Academy

    2017 - 2018 Electrical Trainee at Resolution Circle

    2015 - 2017 National Diploma in Electrical Engineering at Tshwane University of Technology


    • solar basics
    • PV design with PV Sol design software
    • project management
  • Antje has been working in the PV business since 2003. Since 2013 she is heading the maxx-soar academy. Together with Vivian she develops and updates the training programmes and facilitates the operation of the local academies.

    2013 - director maxx I solar energy PTY Ltd.

    2013 - manager international sales maxx-solar & energie GmbH & Co. KG

    2008 - President of DGS Turingia and Head of the DGS SolarSchool Thuringia

    2005 - 2013 - Vice president German Solar Energy Society DGS e.V.

    1999-2005 - Bauhaus University Weimar, project manager Asia within the international transfer centre Koten Weimar



    2017 Memeber of the SAPVIA Embedded Generation and Grid Access Subcommittee

    2016 Member of the institute of Business Advisors South Africa

    2016 Train the Trainer (IHK)

    2014 Suggestopedia Training module "moderation"

    2011 Suggestopedia Training module "basics"

    2008 PV Consulting training, DGS Solar(fach)berater

    1999 (environmental) civil engineering  degree (Dipl.-Ing., SAQA certified as NQF Level 8)

     See more on Antje's linked in profile.


    • Projekt management
    • PV project financing
    • renewable energy
    • PV basics
    • PV system design
    • Quality management in PV
    • Small PV off-grid systems
  • GREEN Trainer Braulio RochaBraulio Rocha has a degree in electrical engineering and is an engineer from the bottom of his heart! His specialty is solar design. Since 2014, he has realised several PV projects for residential as well as commercial clients.

    2019 - present Trainer at the GREEN Solar Academy

    2015 - present Technical Consultant RED Engineering

    2014 - present Technical Manager at GRE Gomes Rocha Engenharia Lda


    • PV Basics
    • PV system design grid-tied
    • Project Planning
  • Charity TebuhoCharity Tebuho started her own company in 2018. So far she has focused on small Off Grid systems in the range of 12-48 volt. She holds a Bacjelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and joined the solar industry August 2016 as an instructor for solar energy at Young Africa  Namibia in Otjiwarongo. In 2019 she became the first female trainer in the GREEN Solar Academy.

    2019 - present Trainer at GREEN Solar Academy

    2018 - present Founder of CT Solar solution cc

    2017 - participation in SuperSolarSchool

    2016 - present Solar Instructor at Young Africa Namibia




    • Solar Basics
    • PV Design and Sizing
    • Off-Grid systems
  • Dave Mathews has been involved in the PV industry for the past 6 years following a long career in the corporate world. Utilization of renewable resources has been a passion for many, many years. Key milestones are as follows

    2017 – opening of the maxx I solar academy Zimbabwe with the inaugural Sunrise Intermediate course in Zimbabwe

    2016 – completed the training requirements laid down as a prerequisite of maxx aolar, undertaking all the required courses and participating in their “Train the trainer” programme

    2013 – MOU with themaxx I solar academy to open the maxx I solar academy Zimbabwe

    2011 – founder director of Sunergy (Pvt) Limited


    2016 – Accredited as a maxx  trainer


    • PV Basics
    • PV system installation
    • PV system design
    • Benefitting less fortunate communities through the introduction of Photovoltaic systems
  • Delali has a Masters's in Renewable Energy Technologies. He has been in the renewable energy industry for a few years now with an expansive grasp of the energy landscape and a great depth in the renewable energy sector. 


    • BSc Chemistry from the University of Ghana, Legon
    • MSc in Renewable energy technologies from KNUST, Kumasi
    • Design and installation of grid-connected solar PV Systems training
    • Energy Efficiency management, train the trainer course


    • Renewable energy
    • News junkie
    • DIY Projects
  • Dennis du Plooy

    Dennis du Plooy is currently the Director of GREEN Solar Academy Gauteng. He also works as a trainer for our Academies in Johannesburg and Pretoria. He also owns his own solar installation company.

    Dennis as had an academic and business career for more than 30 years managing professional training. He has been constantly working to improve his skills going on to work on a Ph.D. in solar PV yield and ground mounted panel soiling.


    2021 - present Director of GSA Gauteng

    2017 - present Trainer at GREEN Solar Academy

    2015 - present Director maxx | solar academy (GREEN since 2020)

    2015 - 2020 Head of Department Professional Training at Resolution Circle

    2000 - 2010 Owner Photoweb SA


    • Masters degree in electrical and electronics engineering
    • Postcgraduate qualification in Education
    • Qualifications in Process Automation and Control


    • grid-tied solar systems
    • solar PV design
    • research
  • Dennis Wiredu Asare is an Electrical and Solar PV Energy System Engineering Consultant. He is one of our trainers at the academy in Ghana. He has been in the Solar industry since 2011. 

    He has expertise in Electrical Power Systems, Design, Installation & Maintenance of Solar PV Energy Systems (Off-grid, grid-tied and Hybrid solutions), Sustainable Energy Solutions, Energy Efficiency Practices, Energy Auditing, Project Management, and Renewable Energy System Finance and Management. 


    • He also holds a certificate of Project Management and Renewable Energy Finance and Management from the European Centre of Technology
    • MSC student from the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Sustainable Energy Management Program.

    • He holds a BSc in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the Regional Maritime University.


    • youth empowerment/engagement
    • Renewable energy
    • renewable energy growth in the country.
    • Green Growth across all parts of the world.
    • Global warming and climate change
  • Dr. Matthias Klauss has more than 10 years of experience in planning and construction of photovoltaic (PV) systems ranging in size from 1 kWp to 20 MWp. He was our first master trainer and trained most of the maxx trainers. Since 2012 his work focuses on the site management of utility size PV projects in Europe, Africa and Australia.

    2011 - one of the 4 directors of the PV engineering company g2kv GmbH

    2010 - German RAL Quality Control Association for Solar Energy Systems

    2008 - Vice-President of DGS Turingia and master trainer of the DGS SolarSchool Thuringia

    2004 - CEO of the renewable engineering and consulting company BioVAG GbR

    1999-2005 - Bauhaus University Weimar, lecturer and project manager


    2004 - Enginnering phD in the field of waste management

    2000 (environmental) civil engineering  degree (Dipl.-Ing., equals SAQA NQF Level 8)


    • PV Basics
    • PV system installation
    • PV system design
    • Quality assurance
    • Management of PV systems
    • Consulting
    • Utility size PV

    See more on Matthias's linked in profile.

  • Trainer Dr. Philip Olivier

    Philip has been working full-time in the PV industry since 2009. He is the founder and CEO of Olivia Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a company that specialises in the design and supply of PV solutions. Living in the Freestate, Philip started out in the off-grid sector, then successfully ventured into more commercial projects and now focuses mainly on large scale off-grid projects for farms.

    He has always been interested in financing topics as well and became a solar PV financing expert by finishing his PhD on a financial model for solar power for dairy farms in the Freestate.

    2021 – Trainer at GREEN Solar Academy for Financing

    2013 – Trainer at the maxx solar academy

    2009 – Founder of Olivia Energy Solutions



    2015 – PhD, University of Free State (theses titled “A FINANCIAL MODEL TO EVALUATE SOLAR POWER IN FREE STATE DAIRY FARMS”)

    2013 - American Association of Energy Engineers: Certified Energy Manager

    1998 – MBA, Wits Business School

    1993 – B.Com, University of Free State


    • PV Basics
    • PV system installation
    • PV system design off-grid and grid-tied
    • Quality assurance
    • Management of PV systems
    • Financing of PV systems
    • Solar water pumping applications
    • Solar water heating
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