Comprehensive solar training | 5-day solar installation course

SuperSolarSchool: All you need to know about solar energy

Master the sun in one week: the SuperSolarSchool course provides participants with everything they need to know about solar photovoltaics (PV).

In the 5 days of training with a strong focus on practical application, attendees learn about electrotechnical basics and working principles of PV systems, how to install systems correctly and according international standards and how to plan, organise, and sell a project and size the system including the battery pack matching the customer’s needs.

The course includes many interactive exercises to make the content easy to understand and involves the participants as much as possible to make it interesting to follow. Lots of exercises and examples are awaiting the learners. Lecturers with practical experience share their expertise and connect the training environment with the real life. It is the ideal course for everyone who wants to learn about solar energy to get started in the solar industry.

The SuperSolarSchool was developed together with the DGS (German Solar Energy Society) and follows international practice of quality installations. The course contents are reviewed and updated frequently and matched to the individual requirements of the Colombian solar market.

Practical Installation training

Main Topics

Day 1 and 2:

  • Electrical basics (series, parallel connection, current, voltage and their influence on yields, I-V-characteristic curve)
  • PV system concepts (off-grid, grid-tied, back-up)
  • PV system components (incl. batteries), use of data sheets
  • Basics of grid-tied PV system installation

Day 3:

  • Site preparation, tools and equipment,
  • Practical installation of an embedded PV system incl. commissioning
  • Post installation (routine inspection, data capturing, trouble shooting, operation and maintenance)

Day 4 and 5:

  • Project management (timeline, laws and regulation, SSEG procedures)
  • Site survey and on-site inspection
  • Planning and design of grid-tied PV systems (with and without battery storage), calculation of roof-top PV systems with and without simulation programmes (incl. a 4 week trial license for PV SOL Premium software), extension of grid-tied systems to back-up systems, fault finding and quality assurance
  • Sales, marketing and customer consultation

Register for the SuperSolarSchool

The training is offered in Bogota by our academy partner Solsta. Upcoming course dates are:

  • 26th and 27th of November 2020
  • 18th and 19th of February 2021

Register for the training via email to Paul: